Some of Brenner’s speaking topics include: …

·         Warrior, Explorer, Protector (for teen boys) – Brenner examines three of the deepest desires etched in the DNA of young men. We all desire to fight and achieve victory, we desire to explore and discover new frontiers and finally we desire rescue and protect. In this talk we unpack what this looks like in our daily life and how when we find outlets for these desires, we feel fulfilled and happy.

·         Being a Teen in 2019 (for teens) – This talk is geared towards teen retreats, conference and high school assemblies. Brenner helps teenagers take a look at their identity – he challenges them with the fundamental question of life, Who Are You? And unpacks the difference between who God is calling them to be and who society tells them they are. Brenner shares his own story about how he choose to live his faith even when society was saying something different.

 ·         Vocation Testimony (for middle school through college) in this talk Brenner shares his personal vocation story from leaving home at a young age to finish school 2,000 miles from home and then living internationally for 2 years as a missionary to meeting and discerning marriage. Brenner teaches youth how to be open and follow Gods path for your life no matter the twists and turns and how this ultimately leads to true happiness.

·         What your teens are saying (for parents) in this talk, Brenner shares with parents what their teens are saying. After working with teens for the past 8 years and still actively engaged in their life, Brenner has a front row view of what your kids think about God, Religion, the catholic faith, Sex, Drugs, depression and anxiety. Not only does Brenner share what your teens are thinking but also ways in which you can reach out to help them.

 ·         What is Love(for teens) In What is Love? Brenner explores the topic of sexuality, love, lust and the theology of the body.

 ·         13 Reason Why(for parents or teens) using the ground-breaking Netflix video series, 13 Reasons Why, Brenner explores the topics of anxiety, depression and suicide. He looks as some possible causes, warning signs to watch out for and ways to combat a culture of death.

 ·         Man Up! (for teens) in Man Up! Brenner tackles the roots of bullying and shows how we are all responsible for eradicating this horrible vice from our schools, families and social circles. He gives practical how to’s for teens to use to stop bullies and stand up for those being bullied. 

·         The Most Addictive Drug in the world (for teens) Brenner addresses the growing epidemic of pornography in our society and it disastrous effect on our youth and society. Brenner will give practical how to’s for combating and overcoming this terrible vice.

 ·         SentThe Transformative Power of Confirmation (for teens) – in this talk Brenner shares his own conversion that took place around confirmation and how the power of the Holy Spirit, when we allow him to work, can transform our lives in ways we could never imagine.

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